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Fall 2021 Chartering Process Paperwork

­Due:  Before 5:00 PM on Friday, August 6, 2021. Please email each of the documents to both Marnie and Jen. After review, if the documents are correct, we will upload them for you. Below are each of the documents that must be submitted for the chartering process.

Chartering Worksheet: This document is not a part of the chartering packet, but is essential for correct uploading of your chartering documents. It contains all of the information we will need to complete the process. Download the worksheet here: Chartering Worksheet

EINs & Starting Balances:  All current club organizational leaders and committee/council chairs have been emailed a spreadsheet listing their EIN, the starting balance they should use on all paperwork, and their official club name. Please review that document before beginning the chartering process. Contact Jen for a copy of it.

New Clubs:  Anyone wishing to charter a new 4-H club should contact Jen immediately as there is some additional paperwork that must be filed prior to the August deadline.

**To access the documents, click on the BLUE LINKS below. Please note that you will need to download these documents to your computer in order to edit and save them.**

Please note: The signers, EIN number and account info (bank, account #s) must be listed the same on the Chartering Worksheet, Financial Report, and the Annual Review

Constitution and Bylaws

  • Review your current bylaws — We only need a copy if the have been changed since the last time they were submitted
  • Send us a new, signed (typed names are acceptable) copy ONLY if you have made changes this 4-H year
  • By-laws MUST match the template supplied by CSU Ft Collins.
  • All wording in Name and Objectives (Article I), Fiscal Accountability (Article IX) and Club Dissolution (Article X) must remain exactly as in the template. NO other wording can be added or subtracted.








financial reportFinancial Report

  • Excel spreadsheet must be typed
  • Ensure your starting balance matches last year’s ending balance
  • Every line must be complete
  • Only include transactions that took place from July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021
  • Every penny of income and every penny of expenses must be documented
  • Use the categories listed as best as possible. Here are some examples:
    • Fundraisers: Carnival, Truck Raffle, Craft Fair Sales, etc.
    • Fundraiser Expense: Carnival Booth Table Fee, etc.
    • Recognition: Volunteer gifts, club awards
    • Club supplies: Refreshments, club checks, t-shirts
  • You cannot donate money from a club bank account to an individual or outside organization; however, paying/reimbursing for 4-H camps, conferences, and events is okay.
  • Clubs without bank accounts do not need to submit this form


bank statementBank Statement OR No Bank Account Letter

  • We need a complete copy of your June 2021 bank statement
  • All clubs/groups who handle 4-H money (accept/disperse) are required to have a bank account
  • Clubs that do not have monetary funds are required to provide evidence to the county agent and submit a signed “No Bank Account” letter







annual reviewAnnual Review of Club/Group Funds

  • Checklist to ensure the club/group has the required information and processes
  • Clubs must be able to answer all questions in the affirmative
  • Even clubs without bank accounts must submit this form
  • Answer “yes” to tangible property list because all clubs submit a list, even if it simply says the club doesn’t own property
  • Answer “yes” to “standing financial rules” because all clubs have rules in their bylaws even if they do not currently have a bank account




club assetsClub Assets

  • Required to list any material assets with a value of more than $50
  • Must list the person responsible for the asset
  • If club has no assets, submit the document with “no assets” typed in first line.









club budgetBudget

  • Estimated budget for the UPCOMING fiscal year or 4-H year (7/1/21 through 6/30/22 or 10/1/21 through 9/30/22) – Use the date range that works best for you
  • Must show that you are planning to spend club funds on 4-H events, activities, supplies
  • Be sure to start with the ending balance from your financial report and double check your math
  • Do NOT fill in the “actual” column. You can fill this in throughout the year if you wish.
  • Clubs without bank accounts do not need to fill out this form




annual planAnnual Plan

  • Club plan for the UPCOMING 4-H year (10/1/21 through 9/30/22)
  • Should reflect what the club plans to do, month by month
  • Template provided is just a suggested format








affirmative actionAffirmative Action

  • This report is based on tasks completed in PREVIOUS 4-H year (10/01/20 – 9/30/21) to recruit new members
  • Must demonstrate that clubs are reaching out to all races/ethnicities
  • Councils, committees, and other county-wide groups do NOT need to submit this form








  • Calendar (a link to a downloadable .pdf of the year’s events. Make sure to check often)
  • Newsletter & Friday Info (the Friday 4-H In4Mation is the way to stay atop events in 4-H. make sure you subscribe.)
  • Policies (County and State 4-H Policies.
  • County and State Fair (information on the Pueblo County and Colorado State Fairs)
  • Pueblo County 4-H Foundation (Information on the Pueblo County 4-h Foundation and their activities and events)