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The Pueblo County Extension office provides assistance and programs for citizens in five main areas: Agriculture, Horticulture, Family and Consumer Science, Natural Resources and 4-H Youth Programs.

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pueblo county 4-h portfolio with green 4h clover logoWhat is a 4-H Portfolio?
The 4-H Portfolio is kind of like a record book that you add to every year, and it keeps track of what you do outside of 4-H too. The goal is to have one spot to keep all of the information that you will eventually need to apply for scholarships, college, jobs, etc. Youth who have done them for multiple years always say they are invaluable tools when working on applications!

I’m confused. What’s the difference between the 4-H Record Book (e-record) and the 4-H Portfolio (former 4-H Report Form)?
Record books are project specific. They are also a requirement for completing the project. Every 4-H member must complete one record book for EACH of the projects they are enrolled in EACH year.

The 4-H Portfolio (former 4-H Report Form) is something you add to each year. It will ask questions about your projects, but it also captures your involvement in other parts of 4-H and things outside of 4-H.

Is the 4-H Portfolio required?
In general, the 4-H Portfolio is optional, but it is required if you want to participate in certain 4-H leadership activities. It can also get you extra points on various 4-H awards. Plus, it’s just a really great way to keep track of all of your activities and accomplishments.

When do I turn in my 4-H Portfolio?
4-H Portfolios are due the second Monday in September along with record books. A judge will look over your portfolio, provide you with feedback, and you’ll have the opportunity to win awards at Achievement Night based on your portfolio!

Why did we replace the 4-H Report Form with the 4-H Portfolio?
We realized that the former 4-H Report Form was quite outdated. The formatting was difficult to manage, and it was sometimes complicated to understand where to put certain things. We wanted to create an easier to use document that was also more useful in general. We looked at what today’s scholarship, college, and job applications ask of our youth once they graduate, and we tailored the 4-H Portfolio to capture the information they will need down the road. We think the 4-H Portfolio will even help them to answer interview questions and learn more about themselves!

What if I have been doing a Report Form for several years. Do I have to switch to this new format?
Seniors who have already done 4-H Report Forms do NOT need to switch to this new format. They may continue to use the old format if they wish. However, seniors who are still relatively new to Report Forms may choose to switch to the new 4-H Portfolio. The new format is much easier to use!

Juniors and Intermediates needed to have been switched to the Portfolio by 2018.

Anyone who has never done a Report Form before should begin with the 4-H Portfolio.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the 4-H Portfolio or want to get a copy of it?
You can contact 4-H Specialist, Lillian Esterl-Byrne at with any questions. She’ll also email a copy to you.