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The Pueblo County Extension office provides assistance and programs for citizens in five main areas: Agriculture, Horticulture, Family and Consumer Science, Natural Resources and 4-H Youth Programs.

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Session Descriptions

Keynote: Panayoti Kelaidis
Gentle Conquest—the first Scientific Expedition
to Pueblo and the Rockies
200 Years ago this spring, the first Scientific Expedition to Colorado entered Colorado and passed through Pueblo mid-summer. Many of our most loved plants like Colorado Columbine and Limber Pine   were first described from specimens from this expedition. Some, like Prairie Zinnia, were likely collected within Pueblo city limits. The findings of this expedition reverberate to this day.

Plant Propagation: It’s Easier than You Think
Presented by Tammi Hartung
Tammi will give you an insider’s look into the world of plant propagation. She’ll discuss techniques for growing plants by seed, cuttings, and root divisions. Tammi will share how to decide which methods will be needed for good success whether you are growing vegetables, perennials—even some native plants. In addition, Tammi will talk about proper seed storage to maintain good viability.

Success with Buffalograss Lawns
Presented by Catherine Moravec
Buffalograss lawns have enormous water and maintenance savings potential, and can look magnificent in a Colorado-style landscape. Catherine will review her successes and failures to help you determine if buffalograss is right for you and your landscape. She’ll cover what site characteristics make buffalograss is a good option, installation options, establishment techniques and long-term maintenance tips.

Creating Sustainable Landscapes
Presented by Mike Kintgen
Drawing from Colorado’s prairies, steppes, shrublands, forest and alpine tundra, we will explore how these biomes can serve as inspiration and instruction in creating landscape that will hold up to climate change. We will start with each of the biomes and then look at plant choices from each biome that make great garden plants.  We will also explore some nonnative plants that work into these biomes.

Mountain States Medicinal Plants
Presented by Briana Wiles
Mountain states medicinal plants will be presented and discussed. Briana will talk about common plants – native and non-native to the region, including uses, application of plants as medicines and remedies.

Drip Irrigation
Presented by Charlie Kyger
Looking at installing irrigation or retrofitting old irrigation in your landscape? Learn about what low volume drip has to offer. We will cover the basics of drip irrigation from major types to installation techniques. Drip when done properly is the biggest water conservation tool we have for the landscape.

Plant Select Program and Plants
Presented by Ross Shrigley
Learn to identify places in the landscape to save money and discuss sensible approaches to converting existing landscapes to water-wise, habitat friendly landscapes from the Director of Plant Select, Ross Shrigley. Discover short and long term cost savings and return on investment for HOA’s and private residential landscapes with Plant Select plants and methods. Gain knowledge of the Plant Select program with over 150 water-smart plant choices for beautiful Colorado gardens.