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The Pueblo County Extension office provides assistance and programs for citizens in five main areas: Agriculture, Horticulture, Family and Consumer Science, Natural Resources and 4-H Youth Programs.

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See 4-H Policies for 4-H specific refunds.
See Pueblo County Fair for Fair specific refunds.

CSU Extension Pueblo County** Refund Policy

Refunds for Office Cancelled Event/Training:  If an event/training is cancelled by our office for any reason, including inclement weather, registrants will be given the following options:

  1. Requesting a full refund of their registration fees
  2. If purchased on Eventbrite, Eventbrite fees will be refunded
  3. Attending the same event if office reschedules

The office must be notified of refund request or rescheduled registration within 2 business days after registrant is notified of the cancellation

Refunds for Registrants Cancellation of Event/Training:  If a registrant requests to withdraw and/or cancel their registration, they will be given refunds if the following is met:

  1. Notification is given to the CSU Extension office before the registrations deadline of the scheduled event/training
  2. Refunds for trainings that are in a series will only be refunded if the registrant has not attended any part of the trainings and notifies the CSU Extension Office within 5 businesses days of the first scheduled event/training
  3. Payments:
  4. Registrant has paid for the event/training with cash
  5. Registrant has paid for the event/training through Eventbrite – The cost of the event/training will be refunded – Fees collected by Eventbrite are only refundable if participant cancels before event/training closes on Eventbrite
  6. Registrant has paid for the event/training with check and check has been deposited for a minimum of 3 business days.  Refund check will be issued in the name of the individual who signed the check
  7. Registrant has paid for the event/training with check and it has not been deposited.  Then the original check will be given back to the individual who signed the check

Refund Procedure:  Staff accepting a request for refund must follow the procedure below.

  1. Verify that the registrant has met the above criteria for a refund
  2. Send an e-mail to Office Manager requesting a refund along with a brief statement explaining why the refund is necessary
  3. A check will be issued from the Extension Program Fund within 15 days of all above criteria being met.  Check will only be issued to the original individual, business, or club that made the initial payment

NOTE!! Any fees associated with a purchase made on Eventbrite are only refundable on Office cancelled event/training or if participant cancelled before event/training closes on Eventbrite and CSUE receives an e-mail from Eventbrite.        

**4-H, Pueblo 4-H events, Pueblo County Fair and Pueblo County Showcase Sale are not included in this refund policy.  Please see their web sites at the top of this page for these refund policies