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The Pueblo County Extension office provides assistance and programs for citizens in five main areas: Agriculture, Horticulture, Family and Consumer Science, Natural Resources and 4-H Youth Programs.
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Please see the latest update from MJ Fisher, Director, CSU Extension Pueblo County
March 20, 2020 COVID-19 Update.

State of Colorado:

Pueblo County Government COVID-19 Information:

City of Pueblo COVID-19 Information:

Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment: 

FEMA Webpages
FEMA COVID-19 Response:
FEMA COVID-19 Response (Spanish):
FEMA Rumor Control:

General Information
•   Center for Disease Control:
•   Johns Hopkins University: 67b48e9ecf6
•   15 Days to Slow the Spread (PDF): content/uploads/2020/03/03.16.20_coronavirus-guidance_8.5x11_315PM.pdf
•   What Do I Need to Know (PDF): ncov-factsheet.pdf

Frequently Asked COVID-19 questions
•   How does COVID-19 Spread? ncov/prepare/transmission.html? 19-ncov%2Fabout%2Ftransmission.html
•   What are the symptoms of COVID-19? testing/symptoms.html? ncov%2Fabout%2Fsymptoms.html
•   Am I at high risk for COVID-19?
•   How can I protect myself from COVID-19? ncov/prepare/prevention.html? 9-ncov%2Fabout%2Fprevention.html
•   What should I do if I am sick? sick.html? ncov%2Fabout%2Fsteps-when-sick.html
•   How is COVID-19 tested for?
•   For additional FAQ:

COVID-19 Guidelines
•   Center for Disease Control:
•   Occupational Safety & Health Admin:
•   World Health Organization:
•   Food and Drug Administration: response/mcm-issues/coronavirus-disease-2019-covid-19
•   National Library of Medicine:
•   Department of State Travel Advisories:
•   CDC Travel Health Notices: travel-notices.html

COVID-19 Business Guidance
•   CDC Business & Industry Guidance: ncov/community/guidance-business-response.html
•   Guidance on Preparing Your Workplace (PDF):
•   Keeping Your Workplace Safe (PDF):
•   CDC Communications Resources:
•   Community Mitigation Plans:
•   Environmental Cleaning Recommendations:
•   EPA Disinfectants List: use-against-sars-cov-2
•   Food Marketing Institute: 
•   SBA Disaster Assistance Loans:
•   US Chamber Foundation:
•   Department of Labor:

Aggregation of State Actions & Resources
CDC Cases in US:
•   State COVID-19 Webpages: on US map, click a state to access respective COVID-19 page

National Governors Association:
•   Count of State Cases Reported
•   State Actions to Include:
    •   Emergency Declarations
     •   National Guard Activations
     •   Limits on Large Gatherings
     •   Statewide School Closures
     •   Closure of Non-Essential Business
     •   Additional State Declarations & Actions

American Trucking Association:
•   Federal Declarations
•   State Declarations
•   Truckstop/Parking

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Admin:
•   Federal Waiver: of 49 CFR Parts 390 through 399
•   State Declarations & Waivers

Healthcare Ready:
•   Healthcare Sector Resources
•   State Emergency Declarations

Food Marketing Institute:
•   State Hours of Service Waivers
•   State Weight Limit Wavers

COVID-19 Geospatial Resources:,39.3355&level=2
•   State GIS Portals
•   State Websites

State EOC Listing:

Compilation of State Resources:

State Private Sector Resources
•   California:
•   Colorado:
•   Florida:
•   Illinois:
•   Iowa:
•   Louisiana:
•   Maryland:
•   COVID Response:
•   Dashboard:
•   Email:
•   New Jersey:
•   Ohio:
•   Pennsylvania:
•   Rhode Island:
     •   Providence:
•   Virginia: