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seedlingtreeOrder your seedling trees now! Use this form for Pueblo County: 2019 Pueblo County Seedling Tree Order Form. Please make sure you include a check (must be payable to Pueblo County Extension Program Fund) with your order form and include the 7.6% tax. No credit or debit cards accepted. Orders will be taken until early April 2019.

Please note that quantities are limited. Orders are placed as they are received. Quantities are also estimated and may be impacted by unforeseen natural and/or human-caused incidents. You can view the most updated list here:

CSU Extension- Pueblo County is the local cooperator for the Colorado State Forest Service Seedling Tree Program.

About our Seedling Tree Program:

The Colorado State Forest Service (CSFS) seedling tree program allows farmers, ranchers and rural landowners to obtain trees at a nominal cost. Our goal is to encourage landowners to plant new forests; to establish effective windbreaks that reduce erosion; to protect homes, cropland, livestock and highways; and to enhance wildlife habitat. Trees and shrubs are grown at the CSFS nursery for conservation benefits only. Ornamental qualities such as color, degree of flowering, fruit production, etc. are not guaranteed.

Species Suitability:

Trees and shrubs are grown at the CSFS Nursery for their demonstrated conservation characteristics and are suitable for Colorado weather conditions.

A Buyers Guide is available that can provide useful information about growth form, crown density, size, drought resistance, cold hardiness, growth rate, life span, elevational range, soil conditions, possible insects and disease problems, wildlife value, seasonal color and other information. The Buyers Guide (1.8 MB PDF) can be downloaded.

This information also has been condensed and combined with other information into the easy-to-use Species Suitability Guide for Colorado (55 kb). Additional information includes cold hardiness, drought resistance, alkali tolerance, windbreak suitability, wildlife suitability, mature height, growth form and elevational range.

Conditions of sale:
1) Nursery stock is to be used for conservation purposes only.
2) Payment must accompany order; no trees will be reserved until payment has been received.
3) Trees are living organisms that require proper care; there can be no guarantee of survival.
4) All orders are final; No cancellations or refunds.
5) In the event that trees ordered are unavailable, a refund MAY be offered unless a substitute species can be arranged.
6)The CSFS nursery is not responsible for errors in inventory count.

seedling_clip_image002 Pictured above are several bare root orders, some containing just one lot of 25, some containing several lots.

For the Colorado State Forest Service Seedling Tree website, click here.
For CSFS information on buying seedling trees, including a buyer’s guide, Colorado suitability guide and seedling container sizes, click here.
For the CSFS Planting Guide, click here.