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Fall 2017 Chartering Process Paperwork

­Due:  Before 5:00 PM on Friday, August 18. Please email each of the documents to both Marnie and Devin. Once reviewed, we will send you a single PDF document with instructions to upload it to 4HOnline. Below are each of the documents that must be submitted for the chartering process.

EINs & Starting Balances:  All current club organizational leaders and committee/council chairs have been emailed a spreadsheet listing their EIN, the starting balance they should use on all paperwork, and their official club name. Please review that document before beginning the chartering process. Contact Marnie or Devin for a copy of it.

New Clubs:  Anyone wishing to charter a new 4-H club should contact Devin immediately as there is some additional paperwork that must be filed prior to the August deadline.

**To access the documents, click on the images below. Please note that you will need to download these documents to your computer in order to edit and save them.**

Constitution and Bylaws exampleConstitution & Bylaws:  Only send these to Marnie and Devin if your club changed/updated their bylaws this year.

Note: Only the IRS approved constitution/bylaws document will be accepted. ARTICLE I, IX and X may not be altered. Other articles may be modified by club/group with county agent approval.  Only completed Constitution and Bylaws will be accepted. The dissolution clause will indicate all assets will become the property of the county 4-H program. The list of officers and their duties must match the list of officers elected annually.

Financial Review ExampleFinancial Report:  Remember, according to the IRS, the club financial year is July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2017. Every line on this spreadsheet must be completed, and all balances must be accurate. Ensure that your starting balance matches the spreadsheet that Devin emailed to all organizational leaders. Clubs without bank accounts do not need to submit this form.

Please use the categories listed — do not change them. Don’t list items under “other” if they can be listed in a category. For example, carnival, truck raffle tickets, and craft fair sales are fundraisers; the carnival booth table fee is a fundraising expense; volunteer gifts are recognition; and purchasing checks or club refreshments should be considered club supplies. Remember, you cannot donate money from a club bank account to an individual or outside organization (though scholarships for camps, conferences, etc. are okay). Contact our office for more information about how to help an outside organization by putting on a fundraiser designed for them. Clubs without bank accounts do not need to submit this form.

no bank account letter exampleJune 2017 Bank Statement OR No Bank Account Letter:  All clubs with bank accounts must submit a copy of their June 2017 bank statement. All clubs/groups who handle 4-H money (accept/disperse) are required to have a bank account. Clubs/groups that do not have monetary funds are required to provide evidence to the county agent and to submit a signed “No Bank Account” letter.

annual review document exampleAnnual Review of Club/Group Funds:  Each club should conduct an annual review during chartering time of their club’s current financial situation using this form. Even clubs without bank accounts must submit this form. This review provides a checklist to ensure that the club/group has the required information and processes in place. All clubs must submit this form even if they do not have a bank account.

All groups should check yes to the question “is there a list of tangible property owned by this club/group.” Each group is required to provide a list, even if it simply says the club does not own any tangible property.

All groups should check yes to the question “are there standing financial rules and policies for this club/group” because every club has rules in their bylaws, even if they do not have a bank account.


club assets document exampleClub Assets:  Clubs/groups are required to list any material assets with a value of more than $50. To be accepted as complete all information must be filled in, including the person responsible for the asset. If a club has no assets, write that on the form.

club budget exampleBudget: This is your club’s estimated budget for the upcoming year. The point of this form is to show the IRS and the State 4-H Office that you are planning to spend your club money on 4-H events, activities, and supplies. 4-H club/groups who accept, disburse, and/or manage any monies during the 4-H year must present an annual projected budget. The complexity and detail of the budget is up to the club/group but must take into account the amount of funds managed annually and must be approved by the county agent.

The dates for this budget should be either July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018 (the upcoming fiscal year) OR October 1, 2017 – September 30, 2018 (the upcoming 4-H year). You can choose whichever budget year method works better for your club.

Be sure to start with the ending balance from your Financial Report, and then do the math to figure out your estimated closing balance at the end of next year.

Do NOT fill in the “actual” column. You can save this budget sheet and fill in the actual column throughout the year to see how close you come to your original budget, but this is not required. Clubs without bank accounts do not need to submit this form.

annual plan document exampleAnnual Plan:  This is your club plan for the upcoming 4-H year. This can be based on the 4-H club year of October 1 through September 1. The Annual Plan of Activities should reflect what the club/group does, month by month.  The template provided is a suggested format but other forms will be accepted, as long as they provide complete information.

Affirmative Action Plan exampleAffirmative Action:  All clubs must submit a completed Affirmative Action report based on the things they did in the previous 4-H year to recruit new members. Councils, Committees and other county-wide groups such as Globetrotters and Parent Leader Group do not need to submit this form.



  • Calendar (a link to a downloadable .pdf of the year’s events. Make sure to check often)
  • Newsletter & Friday Info (the Friday 4-H In4Mation is the way to stay atop events in 4-H. make sure you subscribe.)
  • Policies (County and State 4-H Policies.
  • County and State Fair (information on the Pueblo County and Colorado State Fairs)
  • Pueblo County 4-H Foundation (Information on the Pueblo County 4-h Foundation and their activities and events)